HELP Highboy problems

Discussion in '8th Generation and Older F-Series : 1991 - Older' started by Tyler Rea, Nov 16, 2017.

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    Nov 16, 2017
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    IMG_0516.JPG I recently bought a 75 Highboy from a family friend. It sat for 19 years and the owner would start it up once a year. I got running pretty good and changed all the fluids but when I drive it the tranny will slip. The owner said he'd never had problems with the transmission before. He had swapped the motor and tranny from a 77 f-250 into it from a 4 speed and out an automatic tranny in it, I'm not too familiar with fords so I have no clue what transmission is in it. But he put a B&M ratchet shifter in it. The shifter is super loose and is hard to get into gear. I think the linkage could be messed up on it. Could this be what's causing the slip? Any other ideas?

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