Is my f150 misfiring?

Discussion in 'Tech Info' started by Grumpie, Dec 25, 2016.

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    Dec 5, 2016
    Hi folks,
    I'm stumped on this one, I just can't figure it out. I'm praying it's only a misfire and not the tranny. I'm no mechanic by any means so I'm dreading the thought of diving into this project. I'd much rather change out the plugs and coils than fork over the dough for a rebuilt tranny.

    First off, I have no engine lights showing up on the dash. The engine only pauses/ misfires when heated up or driven for 30 min or so.
    The longer I drive it the more often the sudden adrupt pauses occur, up to 3 times, 1-2 secs apart. The pauses are abrupt like the tranny is slipping and then finally falls into gear. It's an automatic trans by the way.

    It takes me 5 mins to get to work and never once have I had an issue with the abrupt pauses. It's $450 for new plugs and coils but if that's not the issue and it's the tranny that's failing me then I just wasted $450 plus my time.

    As far as I know and the way it looks the plugs and coils have never been changed it has 106,500 on the odometer.
    Thx for helping
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    Hey buddy!

    If the trans were slipping, you'd hear the engine RPMs rise and the trans would skip, slam or shudder.

    Have you had any work done on the truck recently? Checked the trans fluid?

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