1994 5.0 New Engine Oil Leak

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    I have a fresh rebuilt 5.0 in a 1994 F-150; I purchased a short block from a local rebuilder and installed all new gaskets on it. I put the entire engine together, primed the oil pump, and I have an oil leak between the timing cover and the oil pan. That was with a Mahle 1-piece oil pan gasket. Luckily it was still on my engine stand so I drained it and I had a Victor Reinz gasket kit and I installed the 1-piece oil pan gasket from it, primed it, leaked worse. So, I drained it a third time, removed the water pump and timing cover, and cleaned all the surfaces again. This time I used a Fel-Pro 1-piece oil pan gasket and their timing cover gasket and it leaks less but it still leaks. I used Right Stuff on the timing cover gasket each time. The only thing different about this gasket install that is different than the ones on other vehicles I did was this engine is on a stand so I can turn the engine upside down to install the gasket. Anyone have this issue before? I feel like I am running in circles.

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