2004 expedition plug change

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    Hey guys, so I did the plug change on my wife's 05 5.4 expedition, bought the removal tool, broke 3 plugs. Overall it wasn't a terrible experience, I've done the job on 2 other 2v motors before so I knew what I was getting in to as far as plug access and how many extensions and u joints I'd need, no big deal.

    Now, my dads 04 5.4 needs a plug change. The part number for the 04 plugs is different than the 05. I know they did a head change to fix the short threaded plug problem, but I don't know what years. My question is: does the 04 have the same plug breaking problem as the 05, and will my lisle tool be compatible.

    PN for the 04 is sp479 05 is sp515

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