2004 F350 XL crew power door lock problem

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    I have a V-10 gas engine. My truck is a basic machine, a crewcab 4x4. I seldom drive it. The door locks are basic with a plain door pad with no control buttons. You push the top door lock/unlock button on either front door to lock all 4 doors and pull either front door lever to unlock all 4 doors. No keyless entry.What happens is none of the door locks stay locked any more than 20 seconds maximum when driving, or sitting still, with the ignition key in or out.. Every 20 seconds all 4 doors will make a clicking sound and it sounds like they were energized, but they neither lock or unlock when this happens. Pulling fuse # 102 in the fuse panel below the steering wheel inside the cab,makes no difference. I cant find a battery junction box fuse to pull out, or the door relay to pull, to kill all power. It appears Ford has eliminated the Battery Junction Box on this 2004 model.I have to remove the battery cable. then lock the doors manually, to secure the vehicle.. I dont see a VSM inside the dash. Where is a fuse or relay that will kill this entire power lock circuit. If I can find the Max type fuse supplying this entire door lock circuit or the door relay(s), I can stop this circuit from draining my battery. . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Had a similar problem on my 2000 F250 Crew that burned up all 4 door lock actuators while I was working out of town with the truck parked @ home.

    You say no VSM ?
    The relays you are looking for are essentially the lock/unlock switches themselves.

    My VSM had cured itself by the time I
    returned home, two dead batteries and 4 burnt out door lock actuators that I replaced myself.

    There has to be something sending lock/ unlock signals to the actuators for them to be acting up.

    Pull the panel off for the power locks
    and see if it is a seperate harness for them you can disconnect at the switches in the driver side arm rest.

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