5 Star Tuning - 5.0 2015+ Coyote with Cobra Jet

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    Announcing our complete 5 Star Tuning Cobra Jet Manifold Kit with Custom K&N Intake, 5 Star Tuning Custom Tunes and SCT X4, SCT iTSX or SCT LiveWire+.

    Installing a Cobra Jet intake manifold is one of the most popular, powerful, and cost-effective upgrades for the naturally-aspirated 5.0L Coyote V8s in the standard Mustang GTs. Naturally, installing one onto the 5.0L in the 2015+ F150s is just as effective and can give your truck a huge boost in performance with up to 50 more horsepower, more torque, and a revised power curve that maintains power into the mid to high-RPM ranges. The results are always worth it, and your new Cobra Jet intake manifold will be an excellent platform for future modifications on your aggressive truck build. This complete 5 Star Tuning F150 Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Kit comes with a custom-built K&N cold air intake for proper fitment of your intake manifold and your choice of several 5 Star Tuning Custom Tunes that adjust your truck’s PCM to take full advantage of your new manifold for maximum performance gains and to avoid engine damage.


    High-Powered Cobra Jet Manifold with Advanced Design

    They key ingredient to this kit, naturally, is the powerful Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold. Developed specifically for the powerful Cobra Jet Mustangs, this carefully-designed intake manifold greatly improves airflow into your truck’s cylinders by using short, direct runners that drop right down to the intake ports on the cylinder heads. The specially-designed manifold produces more power across your 5.0L’s entire power band while providing vastly improved horsepower and torque in higher rpm ranges, where the stock manifold combined with the F150 version of the Coyote V8’s low compression tends to taper off. The Cobra Jet manifold is very easy to install onto your truck as a replacement for your stock manifold.


    Kit Includes: Required Custom Modified Cobra Jet Manifold, Custom Modified K&N Cold Air Intake Kit, 5 Star Tuning Custom Tunes and SCT X4, SCT iTSX or SCT LiveWire+.

    The factory manifold in the new 2015+ 5.0L trucks have IMRC’s (intake manifold runner control) valves in each bank of runners and are adapted for Speed Density fuel mass control. The Cobra Jet Intake Manifold arrives adapted for this Speed Density control and the 5 Star Custom Tune will eliminate the IMRC control the PCM. This kit also includes a modified K&N cold air intake kit is provided to replace your stock intake or aftermarket intake that you have on your truck. These essential items are key to ensure your truck runs without compromise and does not exhibit any check engine lights.

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