87 ford problems

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    I recently bought a 1987 Ford F150 XLT Lariat 4 wheel drive I did not pay much for it and it did not run it needed a clutch I replaced it when you try to turn it over just turn over so do not know what's wrong with it it also has spark and gas but will not start I have already changed the time of change but it still won't start another thing is the fuel pressure in the fuel rail is where it's supposed to be when you're trying to turn it over does not hold the fuel pressure

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    Now don't bank on it being the fuel pump,
    there are several other parts in the system that
    can prevent fuel delivery.

    Maybe a weak fuel pump. The fuel "sock" filter could be clogged.
    Not enough pressure to make the injectors spray ?

    Have you tried spraying starting fluid in the intake
    during cranking ? If it runs after spraying it's def a
    fuel delivery problem.

    Have someone turn the key on while you listen at the fuel tank
    for the sound of the pump running. Should be able to hear it turning.
    If you hear it, it's getting power, the electrical is working.

    If you don't hear the pump it could be a bad pump or no power
    to the pump.

    There is also a fuel injection pressure regulator to test.
    Fuel injection relay, fuel pump relay, you need to test all of these.
    Start with the electrical relays. The pump needs power to work.

    One of the parts stores has rental tools to "free loan
    a tool" a fuel pressure tester. Use this if pump works
    but it still won't run. Could be the regulator or a
    weak pump.

    If you find out it is the fuel pump RockAuto has better
    prices than Autozone or Advance, Pep Boys and O'Reilly's.

    You will have to drop the tank, Fuel pump is inside the tank.



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