Auto Trans shift cable action/length

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    Hey all, new to this forum. Just sold my 91 chevy and bought this beautiful Ford. Its not without its problems though. Knowing it had transmission issues when i bought it yesterday I began looking into it today. As I suspected the transmission is fine and the cable and linkage seem to be the problem. I immediately went to the parts store and bought a new cable. The 59 inch one (longer of the two) and installed it but im still having a problem. When in park at the column, the cable will not extend far enough to push the metal shift ear into park. It will almost always only reach neutral. That is adjusted as far out as possible at the plastic collar. Under the column i do not really see any way to adjust the cable length or the throw of the shifter as they all seem fixed. I was able to adjust the little wire that dictates the shift marker in the cluster but no effect on the cable and gear. This is my first automatic transmission so ive never dicked with it before. Im competent enough to do the work, just ignorant on how autos function. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The truck is a 1995 Ext Cab, no idea what transmission it is but i will hunt down some numbers when im back under it.
    Thanks yall.

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