Beeping from dash--airbag switch?

Discussion in '10th Generation F-Series : 1997 - 2003' started by scoopyg, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Mar 18, 2018
    Howdy folks,

    Rich in Tampa here with a question about my 2003 150. I developed a weird series of beeping noises coming from the area of the headlight switch. It's 5 beeps, repeated 4 times. Youtube is telling me that it's the bulb in the passenger airbag switch. My bulb looks OK, but today I went to the junkyard and got another module and installed it. The light proves when the truck is started, and the switch functions fine...light is off when the airbag is turned "on", and the the light is on when the switch is set to "off".

    Anything else I might be missing? As I write this, I have the negative battery cable disconnected, as I read somewhere that disconnecting the negative cable for 15 minutes will re-set something (?) and all should be good. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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