Disabling airbag/seatbelt errors from rear seat removal

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    Dec 9, 2021
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    I've got a 2021 F350 supercab that I've removed the rear seats from. This produced seatbelt and airbag errors, which means that the front airbags no longer work (I'd like hose to still work!), and the vehicle can't pass inspection in my state. I need to clear/bypass these errors, and I'm not at all worried about the legality, since there's no rear seats for any passengers to sit in. Can anyone provide instructions for how to do this?

    There are two empty plugs now that I've removed the seats - one with two holes, and one with four holes (photos below). I see airbag/seatbelt "emulators" and bypass resistors online. Can anyone tell me how I would plug these devices into the four-hole plug? Would I need two resistors, one for each pair of holes?

    two hole plug.jpeg

    four hole plug.jpeg
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    Haven't been down that road yet.
    I see those 'emulators', have close set pin out and two wire set up types.
    One would think instructions came with them for installation.
    others say removing rear seats disables the front air bags also in the EMC Modules.

    I use freeware FORScan on my older Fords.
    ODBII MX Link is my Bluetooth Dongle.

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