F250 lighting upgraded

Discussion in 'F-250 and F-350 Interior and Exterior' started by EricOSM, Apr 6, 2023.

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    Feb 16, 2023
    I just finished changing all the interior and exterior bulbs to LEDs..I have the AUXITO LED bulb package for my F250. This fits my high & low beams, fog lights, map light, door lights and my license plate lights. Overall, I am very pleased with these LED bulbs and the performance that these lights provide. I am kind of a lighting snob; I enjoy the color and output of LED bulbs and the cool temperatures when being used. Typically, when I get a new vehicle, I search for interior and exterior LED upgrades. I noticed some LEDs can be too bright in certain situations when you're driving at night. Your vision can be washed out if your passenger turns on the map light while driving. I didn't find this to bother me at all during night driving, the brightness felt about right.

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