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    New to FF, also new to working on Fords. I have an issue that's driving me crazy that I can't seem to figure out. I have a rotational metal on metal sound from my front wheel. At first if was under 40mph but now is audible at highway speeds. Started off here and there, goes away after I do something to the front but quickly comes back. Didn't do this originally but now does-makes noise going straight, stops for a second if I jerk the wheel left, if it isn't making the noise while going straight will start if I turn the wheel to the right. Sounds like brake pad wear indicators but isn't. Here is a list of what I've done so far and the after result-(truck is an 08 F250 xlt 2wd 5.4l)

    1-When the noise started I jacked up the truck and wiggled the wheels. The right one moved when I did the 12 and 6 o'clock. Replaced both inner and outer wheel bearings and races. Noise went away for a couple miles but I didn't make it around the block before it started again.
    2- after first test drive for the right side I started to replace the left wheel bearings. The rotor and pad had some deep grooves in them so I ordered new rotors and pads.
    3- installed new rotors and pads and left inner and outer wheel bearings. on the test drive the noise was instant and louder did less then 3 miles. When I got back the right side wheel was hotter then the left. Jacked it up and the rotor seemed to be dragging. so I rebuilt the seals and cleaned the pistons of any corrosion(common problem in the PNW). The caliper didn't loosen up much after bleeding the breaks.
    4-installed a new caliper, bracket, and rubber brake line. Wheel was quiet for a few trips to the store but started up again.
    5- Took the wheel off and inspected for rocks, bent dust shield, anything. Nothing I could see.
    6-Replaced the pad hardware, again, didn't install the wear indicators, pushed the dust shield back to make sure it wasn't coming in contact. quiet for a couple miles and came back.

    On Monday I went on a 120 mile drive and the noise was audible below 40 mph but not at 60 and above. Yesterday was audible at all speeds on and off but mostly on. Before I give up and loose a bunch of money taking it to a shop or crooked dealer is there any other ideas of what I could look at?
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    How about a gravity bleed of the braking system to get rid of contaminated/
    old brake fluid within the system ?

    Seems as though you've covered the mechanical aspects of what could be the issue.

    ABS pump purge.
    I know most don't have the 'home shop tool' for that.
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