Horn/Cruise Control Fixed 2003 F250

Discussion in 'Tech Info' started by ndcroy, May 23, 2023.

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    The posts I could find were pretty old. I thought I would offer up how I fixed my Cruise Control. 2003 F250 CC 7.3 Lariat Auto Transmission

    I got my truck back from the Stealership to repair a no crank no start. They sorta fixed it. I finished their job.

    I then noticed my Horn and Cruise Control not working. So I decided to replace the clock spring. I was installing a reconditioned Steering Column so really no extra work.

    Finished up. Still no Horn/CC.
    I started checking fuses like I should have in the beginning. Shazam. The Stealership had pulled the horn fuse idk why. Replaced same. Honk honk.

    On to CC. Posts suggested to check new fuses on factory recall on the Brake Pressure Switch harness. I found two weather proof taped up and wire tied fuse holders. Opened them up and what a mess. Both were very corroded . It was almost as if battery acid had gotten into the holders. I even had trouble getting the 2 Amp fuses out. Both were blown.

    Cleaned everything up brushed the fuse holders and used Contact Cleaner on them. Replaced fuses. Buttoned everything up extra protected with dielectric grease on outside of holders, tape and wire ties.
    Test drive and works as intended.
    So if inclined to track down a no Cruise Control problem, give this a try. I hope this helps somebody

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