Intake manifold misalignment

Discussion in 'Engine & Performance' started by Justin Farrar, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Sep 17, 2019
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    So I'm going to try and make as much sense of this as possible... My truck is a 97 F150 with the 4.6 with '6' in the VIN so I guess it's a windsor type. So I go to the parts store today bought what was suppose to be the correct intake manifold gaskets and I lined them up on the engine and inserted the alignment pins to check for correct fitment. They appeared to fit perfect, then I laid the upper intake manifold on top and attempted to line to bolt holes up and I noticed on the left side of the engine on the very back there is a circular hole the intake isn't completely covering. I have no idea why. Here is a picture that might explain better. Fyi this is with all bolt holes aligned through the gasket with the intake on top.


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