Meet the BAKBox 2, Unique Foldable Toolbox that Doesn’t Clutter Your Bed

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    Great news, guys!
    You no longer have to waste your valuable time on removing your old, bulky toolbox from your truck’s bed to put in something large or long. It often a matter of few extra inches when you want to load a ladder, fridge, piece of furniture, or bike that don’t allow you to close the tailgate for secure transportation.

    CARiD introduces the BAKBox 2, an incredibly versatile toolbox by BAK Industries that can be folded away and strapped with hook-and-loop fasteners in mere seconds when the full length of your truck’s bed is needed. It is designed to work seamlessly with rolling Revolver or folding BAKFlip tonneau covers by the same manufacturer. The installation is simple and doesn’t require any drilling or special tools. The box can be quickly attached with clamping brackets anywhere inside the bed along the length of the cover railing.

    BAK® - BAKBox 2 Folding Toolbox at


    This video explains how it works:


    • Fold-up construction with hook-and-loop fasteners
    • Load capacity up to 200 lb
    • 1/2" thick solid core panels
    • Fits under tonneau covers by BAK
    • Keeps content dry and secure when a tonneau cover is closed
    • Invisible when a tonneau cover is closed
    • Measurements: 10"-deep, 10"-wide, and the truck bed width-long
    • Includes organizing tray that can slide from side to side of the box for management of small objects
    • Panels match the tonneau cover
    • Made from strong double-sided aluminum panels


    • Ford Ranger with 6- or 7-foot-long bed (from 1994 to 2011 model years)
    • Ford F-150 with 5’6’’, 6’6’’ and 8’ bed length (starting from the 1997 model year and newer)
    • Ford F-250 Super Duty with 6’6’’, 6’8’’ and 8’ bed length (starting from the 1999 model year and newer)
    • Ford F-350 Super Duty with 6’8’’, 6’9’’ and 8’ bed length (starting from the 1999 model year and newer)
    • Ford F-450 with 6’8’’ and 8’ bed length (starting from the 2008 model year and newer)

    For more detailed information about the BAKBox2, visit or simply click on any picture above for more detailed info about this unique product! Have questions still, I will gladly answer them in this thread.
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