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    With trucks, it's all about the performance and if your Ford has standard halogen bulbs most likely you have a poor headlight performance. LED technology now allows for much more energy-efficient bulbs, with a vastly longer lifespan and much brighter light output. If you're looking for this upgrade, there is no need to get a new set of headlights or change your truck. Lumen has got a much better solution - G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit.

    It allows you to switch to the LED bulbs without any modifications required. With 4000 lumens output, these bulbs will pierce the darkest nights. They not only provide an impressive lighting performance but also an appearance boost thanks to their cool white 6500K light. Our tech expert Greg made a detailed overview of this product in the new video!

    Lumen® - G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit at





    • Light Intensity: 4000lm, per two bulbs
    • Color Temperature: 6500K
    • Power: 16 Watts
    • LEDs: Lattice Power
    • Beam angle: 360 degrees


    • Exceptionally bright light
    • Longer Lifespan
    • Cooler Operation
    • Easy Plug and Play Installation
    • Outstanding Quality
    • Backed by a 5-year warranty

    Don't settle for low-quality light on the road - have the best with Lumen G10 LED Headlight Conversion kit! ​
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