New Logo, New Look and DEALS OF THE MONTH!

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    New Logo, New Look and DEALS OF THE MONTH!

    hey everyone. its been some time since we ... changed things up a bit.
    so we figured lets use a new logo . gotta keep it fresh right?
    and why not change the website layout and colors a bit wile we are at it!.

    and to ring in these new changes why not have some deals! . so the Deal of the month
    found here Deal of the month is back ... back again!

    the deal of the month section will be updated monthly and will be savings up to 90% off retail cost! INSANE!

    if your following us on facebook -
    you already know of most of this. if your not following us . well your missing out on limited time offers ,give aways and great deals as well as knowing about the deals first! . jump on over and check out the new decals of our logo..

    want the new decal logo free? simply place an order. any order any amount and put in the notes what colors you want the new decal and we will send one out to you with your order! some color options are on the facebook page.

    as always . thanks for your business and your support!
    oh snap~
    i almost forgot!
    we also do t-shirts ,hats ,mouse pads and other promo items now!

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