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    No matter where the road may take you, always stay prepared for an unexpected with our 4.5" x 3.5" Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit from Rancho.

    Developed for all 2017-2018 Ford F-150 trucks, it will provide you with the sure 4 extra inches of lift, allow the installation of bigger wheels, up to 37" in diameter and offer the best approach angles and ground clearance. Guaranteed to offer exceptional durability, and great reliability, it will also ensure proper driving experience. The kit includes CAD designed components for a precise fit and trouble-free installation. Please note that before you proceed with the installation, you'll need to order a couple of extra suspension parts beforehand.

    Rancho® RS66505B - 4.5" x 3.5" Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit at



    * Max Tire Size: 37";
    * Requires replacement Rancho shock absorbers and replacement wheels;
    * Replacement front driveshaft may be required;

    The Rancho lift kit includes:

    * (1) Subframe (Part Number RS176880B)
    * (1) Left 4.5" Knuckle (Part Number RS176753)
    * (1) Right 4.5" Knuckle (Part Number RS176754)
    * (1) Front Left Diff Drop Bracket (Part Number RS176881B)
    * (1) Front Right Diff Drop Bracket (Part Number RS176882B)
    * (1) Left Aft Diff Drop (Part Number RS176883B)
    * (4) Cam Bolt Assembly (Part Number RS176578)
    * (4) Hex Cam (Part Number RS176858)
    * (2) Sway Bar Drop Bracket (Part Number RS176579)
    * (1) Skid Plate (Part Number RS176884B)
    * (1) Front Driveshaft Spacer (Part Number RS176586)
    * (2) Front Brake Line Bracket (Part Number RS176780)
    * (1) Rear Drive Shaft Spacer (Part Number RS176691)
    * (4) U-Bolt 9/16-18 X 3.16 X 12 (Part Number RS740017)
    * (2) Winged Spacer Block (Part Number RS15104)
    * (1) Parking Brake Cable Drop (Part Number RS176748)
    * (1) Rear Brake Hose Drop (Part Number RS176314)
    * (1) Vent Hose (Part Number RS860749)

    Installation Instructions:

    In the newest review, Greg will let you know about the most important details on this kit, and tell you which parts you'll get in a package, which you'll need to buy, what materials the parts are made of and provide you with a couple of useful installation tips. Make sure to watch the complete overview of the product at the top of the post.

    Head over at our CARiD Garage channel on YouTube for more cool product reviews.
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    Greg makes a great point to Rancho about including everything on this kit.
    Extended strut spacers or fully extended strut assemblies and the extended
    rear shocks would makes this the complete ready to bolt on kit.

    Just leave that as a check box so the customer can chose their options.

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