Prevent your truck bed from damages with BedRug Bed Mat + New Video

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    Hi everyone, in today's video review we take a closer look at a Bed Mat by BedRug designed for the MAKE trucks! Its non-skid surface keeps your cargo in place and protects your truck bed floor from dents, scratches, spills and a ton of other abuse without ripping or tearing. Each BedRug Bed Mat is resistant to moisture, oil, bleach and battery acids. It can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or sprayed off with a garden hose for a quick and easy maintenance. Our tech expert Greg will share with you more details about it in our new video review.

    BedRug® - Bed Mat at CARiD






    - Rugged construction handles heavy cargo
    - Comfortable knee friendly 1/2" cushioned floor
    - Anti-skid surface prevents cargo from shifting
    - Engineered for exterior use
    - Stain and UV resistant
    - Easily cleaned with just water
    - Fine for 5th wheels, just trim around the mount.

    Browse complete selection of BedRug Truck Bed Liners & Cargo Mats at CARiD


    Protect your cargo, your truck bed floor, and your knees – upgrade your Ford with BedRug Bed Mat from CARiD! ​
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