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    Jun 5, 2020
    So I've got a 2020 F-150 XLT, regular cab, long bed on order. With this configuration the only available running boards are black platforms, which I'm not really into. I prefer tube running boards that extend down a little farther. So while I was looking for aftermarket running boards, I found these from Iron Cross that extend from wheel-to-wheel. That seems like it would be convenient for getting into the bed, but I was wondering how sturdy they are.

    I don't have the truck yet to look at, but from the install videos I've watched it looks like the only mounting points are on the cab. So if there aren't any mounts at the bed it seems like it'd be pretty shaky once you get close to the rear wheel.

    Does anyone have these (or similar) running boards that go from wheel-to-wheel? Just wondering how secure they are.
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    Welcome to the forum @pastyfish

    Been off on a tangent or would have been back at you sooner.

    Put a set of the I-Boards on my father-in-law's last
    Father's Day as a family chip in on his SC 2013 F-150.
    I was very surprised at the bolt and plate construction
    of the Chi-wan made boards mounting system that fit
    into the factory holes.

    They did their home work and it was made even better
    than the FoMoCo system I've seen bolted onto other trucks.
    Cadmium plated hardware/plates and extra thick plates with
    slotted adjustments on the boards themselves made it an
    easy install for me handicapped and my 12 year younger

    Those Iron Cross Tube type are cheaper for the same
    model #53-470 at other well known sellers @ $373 free ship.
    I'm sure if you look harder there is even a better deal.
    They would have to have a sturdy mounting system to handle
    even my big old Scottish/Nordic/Aramaic/Cherokee arse up there
    plus pulling something heavy out of the bed.

    Only thing about chrome/Stainless tube steps it the scratch factor
    from stuff on the shoes around the edges of the step pads.
    Stainless is a softer metal than most think it is.
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    Jan 15, 2020
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    I just placed an order for Westin E-Series Nerf Bars from 4wheelonline. They look like these:

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