Sub making odd noises. Maybe my deck quit?

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    My sub just started actin weird. Its always "pulsing". Kinda quietly, but, like a constant thump thump thump thump thump thump. If I unplug the red/white audio cable then it stops. Could my deck have crapped out on me? Sub still works when I turn the volume up. Maybe the connections inside the box or the connections on the back of the deck? Thought I would check here before going to the trouble of taking stuff apart. I hope its something simple, but if not it better be the deck! I want a new one and do NOT want to have to replace another sub or amp, already had to do that once. Theirs a video uploading from my phone, if it works I'll post it in case I didn't do a good enough job describing it.

    Little more info.......

    RCAs and remote wire are down opposite side of the truck from the power. Amp grounded using one of the seat mounting bolts. JVC deck, Kicker sub and amp. Been running it like this with no problems for quite a while, this just started today.
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