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    i recently bought my 09 F-150 supercrew 6'6" bed. It has a brand new 6" rough country lift. After 7 months
    ( the lift was brand new) the truck developed a shimmy/vibration. Mostly felt it in the steering wheel, but if you were a passenger you could feel it too. I took it to the place who put the lift on, for its 500 mile
    Re-torque. They asked if I had any problems or vibrations. I said no because at the time I had none. Fast forward 7 months and now I have a vibration. I then took it back to place who installed the lift. It took them all day to figure out the cause of the vibration. What they came up with is, the struts and shocks are not the right kind for this lift. They recommended going with oil filled. The front are the N2.0 gas filled strut. And the rears are premium N3 shocks gas filled.
    They also said that the carrier bearing is a little out of tolerance. Does any of this sound right. I know that a bad carrier bearing will give you a bad vibration. I had a 78 F-150 with a bad carrier bearing. The shock issue sounds weird to me. Why would they put subpar shocks and struts on this lift. If it was borderline on the type of shocks that worked.Then why not put the best suited for that lift ? The dealership warranty was over after 6 months. I actually bought a extended type warranty. They said they would cover the carrier bearing but not the shocks and struts. The shop said they would upgrade the shocks for me. But I would have to pay for it. I told them I could do that myself and save myself some money. So my question is, has anybody have this same problem ? Also if the shocks weren't suited for that lift wouldn't the vibration start almost immediately

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