Where is the power door lock relay located on 2004 F350 XL crew 4x4 V-10 basic truck

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    Im testing my basic factory door locks on my 2004 V-10 crew cab 4x4 F350. All four door actuators click about every 20 seconds, neither locking or unlocking, and if I do lock a door it will unlock itself automatically with in 20 seconds. I found that removing fuse # 102 does nothing. Removing the key or starting the truck, makes no difference either. I arrive home from work and I cant lock my doors. If I lock the drivers door when exiting the vehicle, (which should lock all 4 doors and doesn't), then only the drivers door actually locks and it only stays locked about 20 seconds. When I'm driving to work all 4 locks are clicking about every 20 seconds(neither locking or unlocking). I have to remove the battery cable and lock each door manually at night in order to secure the vehicle.

    "Im in need of the exact location of the power door lock relay or relays". My plan is to remove the relays, fuse #102 , and unplug all power wires inside each truck door to kill all power to this circuit, and keep it from draining my battery down when I don't drive the truck every day. I'm looking for the door lock relay(s). Thanks

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