Winter Time Wheels and Deals 1992 Town Car 1995 Jeep Cherokee

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    Winter time wheels and deals hit me.
    Wife's brother, his Wife's Brother passed away in North Carolina
    from COVID-19.
    2 hr. 20 minutes from here, so made the trip for three vehicles.
    1994 T/A 5.7L Ram Air Six Speed WS6 Red
    1992 Lincoln Town Car Executive Gold
    1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Silver

    Called local best Wrecker Co. flat bed with hydraulic 'stinger' to grab
    the T/A and Jeep. I pulled the Town car on Tow Dolly by rear wheels.
    Cost $674 to get the Jeep and T/A here. I paid $250 of the total.
    I keep the Lincoln and Jeep, fix the T/A to running.

    1994 T/A goes to her other brother in Florida. He is no mechanic.
    Needs new ignition keys and resistor bypass for VATS or 3 wire jump,
    have door key.
    Needs thermostat for radiator fans, go over everything,
    fluids/filters/belts/hoses/battery/trans/rear diff/check brakes/Toyo Proxes
    good shape.
    Someone broke in the home, stole his gun and meds,
    keys to T/A. It was blocked in by Town Car. Pill heads.

    1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 has cosmetic front end hit, minor.
    Fascia gone, foam pad gone, grill gone. Has new marker.Corner lights,
    1 new headlight and one NIB headlight. Very minor dent right front corner
    fender, hammer/dolly. Distributor in passenger floor board. Fuel rail injectors
    clips missing. Need to look it over 4.0L inline. ZERO Title. Woods Buggy/parts.

    1992 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 SOHC Title.
    Runs and Drives, has 87K on the clock. Forever across the dash speedometer.
    New blower motor install, won't turn on. Door keypad code from trunk lid arm.
    Driver seat has couple splits. rest is fair condition. Window motors need pucks, all 4.
    No smoke start up. Needs a tune up. Easy job. Check intake for crack at port to
    heater core, always find them cracked there.
    Make a descent A/B vehicle once looked over.



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