Roush PSD Interceptor
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Feb 20, 2018 at 10:29 AM
Nov 28, 2010
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May 22, 1965 (Age: 52)
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Ringgold, Georgia
Full Time Dad

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Roush PSD Interceptor

Straight Piped Diesel, Male, 52, from Ringgold, Georgia

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Ever have the feeling you're being watched ?? Mar 30, 2016

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Feb 20, 2018 at 10:29 AM
    1. Roush PSD Interceptor
      Roush PSD Interceptor
      Ever have the feeling you're being watched ??
    2. Roush PSD Interceptor
      Roush PSD Interceptor
      Ever have the feeling you're being watched ??
    3. Cougar
      Thank you.
    4. trinity south flareside
    5. Ak 08 stx
      Ak 08 stx
      Joe I have been on here for a long time, just changed my name
    6. ak_cowboy
      Yeah, that was the thread. I opened up one light and found all the loose resistors, don't know which ones to replace them with, or if it's even worth it.
    7. cowboy
      glad to have you back Joe watch them open flames!
    8. Pity7700
      hey joe. found nothing out about the turbo on the Ecoboost. even looked at bulldogsecurity.coms wiring diagram for the Ecoboost and they dont list a turbo timer on it.

      got a question about the light flash on this system ive got.

      on the system:

      white/brown is light flash isolation wire-pin 87a of relay
      white is pin 30 of relay

      when i got over to the diagram on its telling me:

      on truck:

      (-) parking lights at gray wire at headlight switch, requires relay
      (+) parking lights at yellow/blue wire at BCM pin #6

      im a tad confused on how to wire the relay.

      85/86 are either power or ground
      87a is the white/brown wire
      30 is white

      do i use the gray wire (-) as ground on 85 and the yellow/blue wire (+) as power on 86?
    9. Pity7700
      hahaha they want money for everything.

      im not sure what kind of warranty they had. we ended up ordering a unit from amazon just a few minutes ago. the unit and PKTX Xpresskit transponder for $120 with free shipping. the unit is a Python 4104P supercode remote start. i cant find a damn install manual on the internet so i hope it comes with atleast a wire coding/function paper like the Responder 1 units i installed.

      the place we were thinking about having install the unit was going to charge us $280 for a 3000ft unit and door locks. the unit i just bought is a 2000ft range with a 4 button remote. sounds pretty good.

      i was going to get him the same unit i put in the mustang and in my uncles F250 but the price shot up to $170...we paid like $97 for it last year.
    10. Pity7700
      thanks joe. ill see if i can sneak my dads owners manual without him questioning me lol i wasnt sure if the turbo timer was just for diesels or anything with a turbo. i dont think the truck has a pyrometer but i wll check and get back to you.

      i will say that we called a local install place to get a quote, i called first and they said nothing about hooking up anything extra, im sure they would charge extra for the turbo timer, when i told them it was for an Ecoboost. my mom also went there to try and seal the deal and again they said nothing about a turbo timer. all they said was that door locks were $50 extra and that they were using an Xpresskit DBall transponder. makes me think that this wouldnt have to be hooked up, unless you think this wouldnt be something they would charge extra for.
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    May 22, 1965 (Age: 52)
    Home Page:
    Ringgold, Georgia
    Full Time Dad
    First Name:
    Joe (Joseph)
    What year is your Ford?:
    What series is your Ford?:
    F250 Lariat CCSB PSD 4x4
    Engine size.:
    7.3 PSD T444E
    Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720BBK
    Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930P

    2009 both knees TKA, (total knee replacements)
    degenerative disc disease, sciatica, neuropathy.

    Model RC, Guns, Vehicle Electrical/Restoration, Fishing, Boating,
    Amateur Photography Canon 70D, Daytona Beach, FL


    2000 F250 Lariat Crew
    4X4 7.3 PowerStroke
    Zoodad Mod - Yada Backup Cam 5" Monitor

    Bully Dog Mods: 6 Position Chip
    RFI Rapid Flow Induction Cold Air Box
    Cotton Gauze- Blue Oil Air Filter
    Transmission Shift Kit
    Bully Dog Triple Gauges Pillar Pod
    MBRP 4" Turbo Back Straight Piped
    ARE Z Series Topper - Flip Down Front Slider Window

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