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    1. 01f1502wd
      $3500 is a good price, then add the 1200 for C/Os and 450 for bumps, you can get them cheaper or can upgrade to the best for more. I paid 3k for my midtravel- fully boxed uppers/lowers, custom lift spring, custom fabbed spindle with uniballs, double sheer heim steering, longer tierods that are super thick so no bending...now I gotta get shocks, bumpstops, make mounts for them, mount up some limiting straps, press in a snout in the spindle, purchase new EBC rotors and pads....yet another 3k. Should be really freaking awesome when its done!
    2. 01f1502wd
      bolt on, not really. the limiting factor is the torsion bars, they really limit the travel. swap to coilovers and your at a good start. Dixon Bros makes a 4x4 kit: '97-03 F-150 4wd Long Travel Suspension Kit - Long Travel Suspensions - Dixon Bros Racing

      From what this guy says, he loves it:

      GFO Chase F150 aka "Roxanne"

      if your not a member on ^^that, do it. and do a lot of stalking, just watch out if you post like a noob they will treat you like a noob, but there are some nice people on there. Dixon Bros is the only company I know that make a 4x4 kit, most make 2wd since the amount of travel you want is the most, with 4x4 you dont get much.
    3. TxFx04
      i'm not too sure, probably not. i bought mine from a local audio store selling them. i just used an offroad light wiring kit from vatozone. since LED's use less power it works fine
    4. Pity7700
      Ill see if I can find some clean ones. Ill let you know.
    5. Pity7700
      hey man! i measured from the widest part, i got 6ft 3"
    6. iowaredneck
      how much for the heads?
    7. iowaredneck
      you gotta pic of those l heads? also that brush guard? i keep forgetting you have them laying there
    8. 01f1502wd
      just let me know what you want and shipping. ill see what I can do. Im not in a hurry FYI just pricing out my options. kinda want to run 35s whenever I can get em cheap, then put on my new lift/fenders/wheels all at the same time. If I run 17s I can get tires anytime since my wheels now are 17s.
    9. 01f1502wd
      oh thats no biggie. the cap doesnt effect the way the wheel runs...or rolls. the cap does "pop" on and stay on right? thats all Id really be concerned about, its probably plastic? as long as the actual wheel is good. How have you been running the weights? I thought about getting the beads.
    10. str8t six
      str8t six
      ok, but just remember, im not running a stock valence either.
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